Thomas was born a curious child...

Confessions of an English Ant-Eater is a surreal short animation about Thomas,
a boy who becomes addicted to eating ants – despite the warnings of his parents.
As its name suggests, the piece is inspired by Thomas De Quincey’s infamous autobiographical
depiction of drug addiction, Confessions of an English Opium-Eater, first published in 1821.

Alex's Confessions, which was first published in chapbook form by Team Trident Press,
is narrated in verse and playfully explores themes such as childhood rebellion and addiction.
The film is accompanied by a moody folk-noire soundtrack, which brings together an eclectic
ensemble of instruments including banjo, double bass, and flute.

This was commissioned as part of New Creatives
which is supported by Arts Council England and BBC Arts.
Director / Illustrator – Alex Crumbie
Producer – Arcus Animation Studio
Animation - Andrew Bell
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