Borders is a randomly generated drawing projected released on generative art platform fx(hash) in 2022.

Each image is made up up of 8 layers, 4 colour layers and 4 hand drawn layers.
The amount of possible variations is extremely high with 6 colours and 197 layers in total. There were 444 editions minted on fxhash, but if you would like to explore all the possibilities head to the project page and hit the 'variations ∞' button. 

I created this using a template created by @PureSpider which you can find on GitHub.
After creating this project I became interested in learning to code to create art.
Creating a piece of code to that could output endless variations and removing an element of choice from the artist.
This is an attempt at recreating this drawing project only using code. It randomises colours and shapes and layers that I have "drawn" with code. All created in p5js. Click the refresh button to generate a new drawing.
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