Grid Cutter was my first attempt at creating a project using code. I started learning p5js, a javascript library for creative coding in 2022 after discovering 'generative art' though fxhash.

The idea of creating an algorithm that can create an artwork is very interesting. It is something I will continue to explore and hopefully combine what I learn with my animation work.

Below is the code for Grid Cutter, click the refresh icon and generate an endless amount of variations. 
I created a version of the project to mint on fx(hash). Part learning exercise and partly to see if I could create a coded project fit for the platform. 200 editions of this project now exist on the Tezos blockchain. 
Here is a link to the project page.
On the project page you will find all 200 editions randomly generated at the time of mint. Below are some of my favourites. :) 
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