King Baby Bagels asked if I could animate their logo
and turn it into a series of short animated clips for Instagram

The logo was designed by In Cahoots.
I used Photoshop and After Effects to give the logo a 'printed' look,
using organic print textures and a low frame rate of 6fps. 

Role: 2D Animation
The logo was given 2 treatments; the 'printed' look, in pale and pastel pink, and an eye-catching, neon-sign look. 

To achieve the printed style of the logo, I animated some textures from TrueGrit Texture Supply.
Additional effects were placed on all the layers to give the line-work the imperfections of a printed image,
the before and after can be seen below. 
All versions were provided in square and long (screen size) ratios, for use across instagram and stories.
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